Computer Aided Design

One of Seahorse Energy’s fundamental principles is that great people need great tools.  We have the latest tools and computer systems to enable our best minds to explore all possibilities to bring you the highest value solutions.  Below is a just a glimpse at our hardware philosophy and software we use daily to bring you high value.

  • Cloud-based infrastructure allows Seahorse Energy to have a global presence any-where at any-time.
  • Multi-platform software and hardware supports both traditional workstations and the latest tablets and smart devices.
  • Multi-sever Finite Element structure allows our engineers to run and monitor solutions from anywhere that they have internet access.
  • All conceptual and detail design activities are performed in a 3-D, parametric, design environment using SOLIDWORKS® Premium by Dassault Systems.
  • Advanced use of SOLIDWORKS® that parametrically links the 3-D geometry to the final detailed manufacturing drawings and/or CNC programming.  What this means to you is significantly improved development cycle time and reduced errors.
  • Advanced calculations and performance predictions are performed using the lasted version of ANSYS® simulation software.  See our Analysis section for more details.
  • Complete coupling of SOLIDWORKS® and ANSYS® that allows our engineers to quickly make design optimizations and study the corresponding stress/strain behavior without having to rebuild the finite element model.