Brendon Richardson | Service Manager

Brendon has 15 years of offshore experience working on and leading some of the most complicated and challenging offshore and subsea activities.  He has a unique set of skills that combine hands-on experience with an innovative and creative mind – ultimately leading to solutions for many field challenges and even a patent or two.  These skills are put to the test each and every campaign which results in a successful and safe operation.  He spent the first 8 years of his career working in an ROV and completions group designing complex hydraulic circuits for unique offshore operations.  This entailed spending a great deal of time offshore using these systems for installation of jumpers, Steel Flying Leads (SFLs), Hydraulic Flying Leads (HFLs), and subsea tree installations/repairs.  While offshore, Brendon also gained direct experience operating ROVs and conducting/leading installation operations and tests.

Over the past 6 years, Brendon has supervised well intervention activities. This includes both onshore and offshore operations.  Onshore, he serves as project manager responsible for fabrication of equipment, coordination of various suppliers, and overseeing pressure and function testing of all equipment.  He also serves as the end-user client interface supplying the client schedules and daily/weekly reports.  After leading the onshore effort through SIT, Brendon then travels with the intervention equipment offshore and leads the operation for a successful campaign.  In his spare time, Brendon enjoys hunting and fishing with his son, and PC based video game design.  Brendon’s combination of hands-on experience and creative approach and design capabilities make him a tremendous asset to the Seahorse Energy team and our clients.