Spin-Loc Connector

(Patent Pending)

The Spin-Loc connection system is a quick-make-up connection system, made up on surface and utilized in high-load subsea applications like open water intervention systems.  The connector is initially locked by rotating the outer housing (Spin Ring) 6 to 8 turns.  The final preload is created by applying ~300 ft-lbs of torque to 8 individual socket head bolts.  Total makeup time is less than 15 minutes.  The innovative design results in a mechanical advantage of over 5 to 1, which enables material yield strengths at NACE levels if required.

The upper and lower bodies of the Spin-Loc connector can be machined to interface with any landing string connection system.  And, after being preloaded, the connector system has ultimate and fatigue strengths that are greater than the pipe.

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